Background on Attorney Hovey

Matthew resides in the Pottstown, Pennsylvania region.   A alumnus of Moravian College and Villanova University School of Law, where he was a published member of their prestigious Law Review, Matthew is an attorney at Wolf Baldwin and Associates with a litigation practice focused on Family Law, General Civil Law (Employment Law), and Municipal Law.    He is also avid sports fan and is a proud supporter of Philadelphia’s teams!  Matthew also enjoys photography.

DISCLAIMER: The views, commentary, and analysis contained on this blog collectively and in individual postings are Matthew’s and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer and/or colleagues.  Additionally, nothing contained in any of the blog articles or on this blog should be considered, or construed as, legal advice.  Nothing contained in any of the blog articles or on this blog shall create or constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship.  The information contained on this blog is strictly for entertainment and general information purposes.  Any reader in need of legal advice should contact Matthew directly at and secure an initial consultation, during which the specific facts and circumstances of the legal issue/case can be reviewed.  Please address any questions or concerns with Matthew at the email and/or telephone number above.  Thank you!


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