Today, Memorial Day, is the perfect day to share my praise of HBO’s The Pacific.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch the dramatic mini-series, then I recommend checking your Guide and setting a reminder for the next episode!  It will exponentially increase your respect for our soldiers.

The mini-series, which was produced by Tom Hanks and Spielberg, both of whom also produced Band of Brothers, is a soberingly realistic portrayal of World War II in the pacific region.  It does not glorify war at all.  It shows war to be grueling and monotonous with breaks of shear terror.  Any person who doubts post-traumatic stress syndrome needs only to watch the Pacific.  It must have been so hard for our troops in the region to go from days of being bombarded by rain, mosquitoes, and enemy fire to return to a civilized society which had not yet embraced modern day psychotherapy.

What makes the series even more memorable is that it is based on the accounts and stories of actual soldiers, some of whom are still living today.  It’s not some Hollywood story, but a human tale of the tragedy of war.  It shows soldiers who leave the United States in the 1940’s as gentlemen and kids but later have their values, ethics, and notions of human nature questioned and compromised by relentless carnage and fear.  Most of the soldiers in combat either partook or witnessed acts that they would love to forget and never speak of again.

Being from a generation which was born during one the most profitable and peaceful eras in our history, it is virtually impossible to not take it for granted to some extent.  This mini-series helps to counter that natural inclination and appreciate the sacrifices of so many — of far too many.  Thank you to all the troops in our storied history who have earned, established, and protected my right to post this article.  Happy Memorial Day.